First time for kids and some parents

By: Mac Grimes

KOTA KINABALU: At least 122,217 Primary 1 and 2 kids, and preschoolers end their first day of school today.

Sabah education director Datuk Dr. Mistirine Radin said from that number, 27,767 are preschoolers, and the remaining 94,450 are in Primary 1 and 2.

Mistrine said the Primary students are all government primary schools, religious, special education and ministry approved private schools.

“Since Jan 20 last year 18,539 private preschoolers have begun their learning.”

Asyarii’s was nervous for his first day at Chung Hwa but felt happy seeing familiar faces from preschool.

“We saw a projector tv and then they let us play with toys.”

“There is a big soccer field I am excited to go and see,” he told his mother.

Today was orientation day and they were each given name tags she said.

It’s not Venesa’s first kid but,

“Juggling work and the kid can be a challenge because when used to a late schedule.

It was Ketty Rodriguez and her son Raphael Keifer’s first time.

“He was exited to go at school at first but I made a mistake by waving good bye which caused him to cry.

Ketty was naturally sad and worried for her firstborn whom has never left her side.

“I can’t believe that he has grown up so fast. I’m proud of myself for having raised him as well,” she snickered.

The house wife and mother to another 1 year old sends the boy to a school here in Likas.

For 33-year-old Saiful Adilin’s only daughter in Sk Kg Contoh Petagas.

“We told her to not to cry or else she cannot enter classes and to always follow the SOP.

Her parents are worried of her contracting the virus.

“When she came home, she rushed to the toilet. She said she kept away from the school toilets in fear of COVID19.

Asked if this was healthy behavior for a child, the man said not.

“She ought to be communicating with her teacher.

“But it goes to show that kids are more aware of proper hygiene. I saw many other kids bring their own packed lunches during recess. Not many go to the cafeteria,”he said.

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