More raids to zero Inanam crime rates

By: Mac Grimes

KOTA KINABALU: Police nabbed 11 individuals including a woman in noon raids focused on criminal activities related to the strong presence of illegal immigrants in Inanam town here.

The hot spot notorious for drug and contraband cigarette peddling saw 125 cartons worth RM 3000 along with four grams of syabu seized today.

Spearheading integrated operations โ€˜Op Bersepaduโ€™ with seven other agencies was city chief of police, ACP Habibi Majinji, noting a combined manpower of 100 personnel.

“Four men were arrested for drug possession and two others for using the same drug type (syabu).

โ€œA cigarette peddler was arrested along with three large boxes containing the said contraband.

“Three people were detained for not having any form of identification on them,โ€ he said.

A man was also picked up under suspicion of theft after producing someone elseโ€™s wallet containing an identification card and drivers license.

The man swore he was on his way to the police station to return it as a responsible citizen but quickly changed his story when questioned by Habibi saying the wallet belonged to his family member.

All suspects between the ages of 20 to 40 were subsequently taken to the Karamunsing police headquarters for further action.

โ€œThe crime situation in Inanam is still under control due to continuous policing. People here can expect frequent raids especially during this pandemic as we work to zero out criminal activities and Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) violations.

โ€œThe public are also urged to play their part in assisting the police by channeling information,โ€ he told the media.

Also present was Inanam Assemblyman Kenny Chua.

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