Man leaves girlfriend behind after running over cop at roadblock

By: Mac Grimes

BEAUFORT: A man ditched his girlfriend after mowing down an officer with a motorcycle at a police roadblock setup at Jalan Lumatai along the Beaufort – Sipitang roads on Thursday.

The 7.50am incident caused a traffic officer to sustain minor wounds and bruises to his body.

Beaufort police chief DSP Azmir Razak said the 23-year-old made a dash for it into a nearby forest leaving behind his 21-year-old lover to be arrested at the scene.

โ€œBoth of them were flung off the bike following the crash and the officer laid sprawled on the ground.

โ€œEarlier the duo was ordered to make a stop for routine inspections in operations dubbed โ€˜Op Motosikalโ€™ before he decided to speed off,โ€ he said.

However, based on information gathered from his forsaken lover the man was arrested at 9pm near the Beaufort Sports Complex.

โ€œFurther investigations revealed the man to be void of a driving licence and holds a criminal history of drugs and vehicular theft,โ€ Azmir detailed.

The case is classified under Section 186 of the Penal Code for impeding a civil servant from carrying out their duties.

The motorcycle, an orange Modenas Dinamik was also seized.

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